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MOIRA Story started 10 years ago with a dream of developing a worldwide known brand which is designed for women by a woman.

MOIRA is a name taken from Greek mythology defining goddess who writes destiny by ropes, that's why logo has no interruptions same like destiny. I choose this powerful name to be the brand because I believe all women in the world has the power to change and CHOOSE...
Now it is time to give a break to take a short Moira moment in a daily routine and feel the power.


Our target is to develop, rejuvenate and expand just like the real world, become a lifestyle product not only for your body also for the SOUL. Do not forget, the greatest pleasures are the ones we create for ourselves .. we invite you to leave real-world necessities for a while and give a romantic experience of pure enjoyment, full of joie de vivre and inspiration. We encourage Moira women to take control of her life and choose to nourish herself with Moira
body and soul fragrances and presence. Moira women soul and body are connected.

Moira Story

Meet The Team

Ebru Nasip Keles


Zafer Keles



Savas Keles


Operation Manager

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